Clean, Skin Healthy Makeup

Clean, Skin Healthy Makeup

As a skincare expert I know the importance of using a CLEAN make up brand to improve the health of your skin and keep your skin calm, hydrated and youthful.

I have been in the skincare industry for over 20 years and I have seen evidence that some make up brands really can affect the skin in a very negative way. Causing breakouts, allergic reactions, sensitivity and just feel heavy and uncomfortable on the skin.

There are lots of make up brands that still contain many nasty ingredients that are irritants to the skin. In this blog I will explain what ingredients you need to look out for, should avoid and why. I will also talk about why I highly recommend the fantastic clean mineral make up brand Jane Iredale that I have personally been using for many years. Plus at the end of this blog you can see a little video of my morning make up routine.

Irritating Ingredients Found In Make Up


Are chemicals commonly used as perservatives in cosmetics to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold and extend the life of products. These chemicals are normally under the names of Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben and Ethylparaben. Parabens are not only known for frequentlly causing skin sensitivity and allergies when our skin is repeated exposured to them, but they also interfere with the nuclear receptors of hormones like estrogen and also impact negatively on the body's immunity and nervous systems.


Talc is used in cosmetics to help absorb moisture found in baby powder, blushers and powder foundations. Talc is a naturally occuring mineral mined from the earth but there are many fears that talc may not be safe as it may contain traces of harmful toxic mineral called Asbestos. These concerns are due to the fact that Talc is found right beside Asbestos. Both talc and Asbestos are silicate minerals that sit side by side within the earth. Talc blocks pores and has no skin benefit and actually also blocks oxygen geting into our skins.


Are used as binders in cosmetics and are also found in plastics to make them more durable are known to interfere with the Endocrine System which controls many important functions in the body, including growth, metabolism and reproduction. Those who are regularly exposed to Phthalates are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, obesity due to the interference to the body's hormones.

Synthetic Fragrances

Are artificial fragrances normally created from petrolem (a fossil fuel that is also used to make gasoline and plastics) within a medical labatory. Synthetic fragrances are used to replicate the smell of natural oils. These frangrances formed from chemicals are harmful to our bodies and the environment.

GMO Ingredients (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Are organisms like a living plant, animal, bacteria and fungi that have their genes (DNA) changed and altered in a non-natural way to try and produce a cheaper un-natural way of producing higher levels of a certain ingredients in a cosmetic product.

Cruelty Free

Means that the product has not been tested on animals. Animals are often being used in labitories to test chemicals on when producting cosmetic products. Always check the label.

Skin Healthy Make Up

We not only want to make sure our make-up brand is FREE from all the above harmful ingredients but we also want to make sure our make up brand has healthy skin care formulas in them.

We want our make up to be multi-tasking and to enhance and nourish our skin, not to lay on our skin heavy, sufficating and uncomfortable. We need skin healthy, skin happy, skin loving make up that hydrates and conditions our skin.

Many years ago this would be too much to ask from a make up brand. But now it is available to us, as the world wants more healthy options and the wave of CLEAN make up brands has started.

I suggest that you don't just settle for the norm, Don't settle for the make up brand you have been using for the last 10 or so years. Let's all move to Clean, Skin Healthy and Skin Kind make up that is Natural, Vegan friendly products that protect our skin from enviromental assult and sun damage.

If you are looking for this you are in the right place...

My Research

Over 10 years ago I started researching for a clean make up brand for myself and my clients to use. As I mentioned in the opening of this blog, I know the importance of using a CLEAN make up brand to improve the health of your skin and keep your skin calm, hydrated and youthful.

Over the years I have seen evidence of make up really affecting the skin in a negative way. Causing breakouts, allergic reactions, sensitivity and just feeling heavy and uncomfortable on the skin.

We wear make up for many reasons from confidence building, covering flaws and to give us an even skin tone. Many of us like the barlely no make up look, a subtle enhanced fresh faced look. What we don't want is to causing skin conditions from the make brand we are using every day on our skins. We need to be using great skincare products and great make up products to know that we are achieving healthy skin.

During my research I came across JANE IREDALE and this brand really sparked my interest and here is why...

The Lady Behind The Brand

Jane was a casting director over 30 years ago and was working with actors and models, she found that the people she was working with had many challenges with their skin due to wearing make up day in and day out for photo shoots and acting work.

These actors and models relied on having healthy, glowing and flawless skin for their careers.

Thats when jane had the idea to create a non-comagenic (non-cloging) skin caring make up brand. She worked closely with dermatologist, makeup artists and others in the industry to create a mineral based brand. A make up that is so gentle and calming on the skin it can be used directly after a Dermatologist procecures to even out skin tone covering and conceling any post procecure erythema (redness) to the skin.

30 years ago Jane was ahead of the industry as she was already putting her products through extensive testing above and beyond what was asked of her from the industry.

She wanted to make sure there weren't any traces of heavy metals which are very often found in lipsticks of other brands. She also wanted all her products to have a SPF (full sun protection) covering UVA and UVB using minerals as a physical sun block.

You can have physical or chemical SPF ingredients while both are great, chemical SPF's work by absorbing the sun's rays and can produce heat on the skin which can irritate some sensitive skin types, when physical SPF’s bounces the rays away from the skin and are better suited to sensitive skin. Jane went about making sure her products all included mineral physical SPF and is now a recommended brand by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

She became not only known for what she (left out) of her products but also what she (put in) them!

Jane Iredale Left Out All These Harmful Ingredients:

  • Parabens
  • Talc
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic Frangrances
  • GMO Ingredients
  • Mineral Oil (that block pores causing blackheads and congestion)
  • No Artificial Dyes (All pigments are natural accuring from minerals)
  • Heavy Metals

Also making sure her products were:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegen Friendly
  • Reef Safe


Most people would think that a completely natural make up brand would probably not perform very well, although this may be true for some brands on the market this totally not the case for jane Iredale.

Jane iredale’s make up has a very high performance level, staying in place all day and is up to 40 minutes water resistant plus has a transfer-resistant coverage. All the products also contain skincare benefits of antioxiants and sun protection.

Whats not to love?

My Favourites Products

Glow Time Pro BB Cream SPF25

This light weight BB cream has a radiant finish plus has a SPF25 broad spectrum sun protection. It is long-lasting and has a transfer-resistant coverage. Its gives a medium to full coverage as it is completely buildable.

There are 14 shades to choose from to find the correct shade for your skin tone.

Top tip: When choosing the correct shade apply a line of product vertically from your lower cheek over your jaw line and onto your neck. The correct shade will blend nicely and disappear into you skin tone on your neck and face. Check the results in natural light with a mirror.

What I Especially Love

I love that this BB cream because it has a non-greasy feel on my skin but still gives me a radiant looking fresh skin, it is not heavy or cakeness at all. The Glow Time Pro also minimizes my pores and softens my fine lines giving me a smooth complexion. I also love how it lasts all day and is water resistant up to 40 minutes just incase I get caught in the rain or I have to run for the bus, my make up stays put.

Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder

This loose mineral powder foundation gives a sheer to medium coverage which is buildable to your desired look. It is made with micronized mineral which makes it so weightless that you feel as though you aren't wearing any make up at all. This powder is also oil free and acts as a concealer too. Amazing Base Loose Mineral powder has a SPF15/20 full broad spectrum and water resistant to up to 40 minutes.

What I Especially Love

I love that this loose mineral powder comes in two options - loose powder jar or Powder Me Up brush applicator which is great if you are traveling or on the go.

The Powder me up is perfect for re-application when you are on holiday or family BBQ to keep you protected from the sun's rays while keeping you matte and radiant. This is a perfect dry SPF product if you don't like the feel of cream SPF on your face plus if you have a full face of make up and want to top up your sun protection.

Powder Me Up comes in 8 shades including translucent.

Amazing Base Loose powder has 20 shades to choose from and a super matte translucent for oily shiny skin types.

PureBronze Matte Bronzer

This Bronzer is a gorgeous rich but completely weightless product that gives you effortless contouring or a summer sun kissed glow. This creamy silky formula won't settle in fine lines like other brands so no fear of emphasize wrinkles. This bronzer pairs with a beautiful refillable compact so less plastic waste as once you have the compact you just need to buy the brozner refils.

PureBronze comes in 3 shades Light, Medium and dark.

What I Especially Love

I love this bronzer because I love an effortless look, plus I like a quick application as I don't have the time or the desire to do a full contouring effect. This bronzer blends and builds so easily. I wear the light shade and I apply this to my cheeks, jaw and the top of my forehead near my hair line for a summer sun kissed look.

Hydropure Hyaluronic Acid Lip Treatment

This is a repairing and nourishing lip treatment that boosts and stimulates collagen and hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid, Botanical Butters, Algae Extract to help restore dry, irritated lips. It has a cooling ceramic tip for a cooling soothing tug-free application.

What I Especially Love

I love this lip treatment It makes my lips feel so hydrated without any sticky heavyness and I also love the Ginger Root that helps to firm and plump my lips. As we age the skin around our lips gets drier and thinner so this product really helps to reduce lines along the lip line. I make sure I have one to hand at all times. I have one in my skincare bag to use every morning as part of my skin routine and I also keep one in my handbag and at work.


Pommist Hydration Spray

This is a lovely light facial spritz that uses Pomegranate Extract which is a powerful antioxidant to help fight free radicals that cause damage to the skin. Pommist is suiable for an ageing skin type.

Jane Iredale also offers three other hydration sprays for other skin types:

BALANCE - for more oily skin types

D2O - for plumping and hydration for normal to dry skin types

CALMING LAVENDER - for red and sensitive skins.

What I Especially Love

I love using this faical spritz as it helps to set my mineral make up for a longer and more hydrated look plus I know how important antioxidants are for fighting signs of ageing on our skin also it helps to conceal my pores and fine lines.

Top Tip - In the summer pop it in the fridge for a super cooling spritz.

ColourLuxe Hydrating Cream Lipstick

These lip sticks have a lovely high pigment for a nice bold look. Plus they have a really smooth, satin finish. These rich but weighless lip sticks have resorative butters in them to keep your lips hydrated and retain moisture. Also they have a creamy texture that is a non-tug application.

There are 15 shades available to choose from.

What I Especially Love

I love these lip sticks and I have two shades I absolutely love, Poppy and Peony.

Poppy is a red/orange and Peony is a more fuchsia pink. I love that these lip sticks are rich but feel really weightless and non-sticky while nourishing my lips.

Round Up

So the bottom line is that it is really important to use a clean make up brand to keep your skin healthier and clear. Don't settle for the make up brand you have been using for the last 10 or so years. Let's all move to Clean, Skin Healthy and Skin Kind make up that is Natural, Vegan friendly products that protect our skin from enviromental assult and sun damage.

Below is a quick video of my morning make up rountine show casing some of my favourite products.

Book a Make-Up Colour Matching Service

I offer a colour matching service. In this session I will find you the right shade of foundation to blend and look flawless. Plus I can show case the other incredible Jane Iredale products.

To book this service please CLICK HERE

How To Purchase Jane Iredale

If you are local to me in Boxted, Colchester then you can buy these products from me CLICK HERE.

If you are not local to me then you can purchase Jane Iredale HERE

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog I really hope you have found this informative and useful. If you have any further questions or you have a topic you would like me to cover then please reach out to me by leaving me a comment below.

Love Nicola x

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