Table Setting Ideas, To Set The Mood & Wow Your Guests!

Table Setting Ideas, To Set The Mood & Wow Your Guests!

Soon Christmas and New Year will be upon us, a busy season for most of us as we start to change flower and table displays in the house. We are starting to plan and  send out invites for our family and friends to get together over the festive season and thinking about the rush of arranging christmas food delivery dates!

This blog will give you ideas from flower clouds to place settings and how to incorporate the beautiful neom limited edition christmas candles to set off the atmosphere and add softness to your home ready for the festive season.

Hosting and enteraining our friends and family is fun but can be stressful too with guests soon arriving take a deep breath and get your note book out to make a plan.

Now is the time to really set at cosy, warming Autumn/Winter mood at home with soft candle light and the scent of Christmas.

Here are some tips to help make your home a relaxing space to unwind as well as a welcoming one for entertaining...

Staying Guests

Firstly, are your guests staying the night? if so then why not set the mood right in your guest bedroom with the sleepy scent of NEOM's Perfect Nights Sleep.

1. Place a lovely Room Reed Diffuser on a shelf or casually perched on a pile of books on the bedside table. These NEOM reed diffusers are 100% natural and scent the room lightly with the sleepy English lavender, precious jasmine & sweet basil. This perfect combination of oils will help your guests have a very restful sleep under your roof. Pefect Nights Sleep Reed Diffuser £41

2. Pop a Perfect Night Sleep pillow mist by the bedside, for your guests to enjoy spritzing their pillows with this deeply relaxing scent. They will enjoy their best nights sleep in the comfort of your guest room. Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist £22

3. Hang fluffy slippers and robes on the back of the door and maybe slip a Perfect nights sleep hand balm into the pocket! Perfect Nights Sleep Hand Balm £21

Table Setting For Christmas and New Year

This year the Christmas NEOM candles are very stylish and beautiful with hand drawn hearts and stars watercolour bright cheerful theme boxes. The vases are deep amber, deep burnt metal silver, creamy white and rose gold these will look stunning on your Christmas dinner table.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

1. Place NEOM candles along the middle of your table amongest your garland or vases of feastive flowers. Try laying colourfull baubles on the table too. During these dark afternoons the candle light will set the mood while enjoying your Christmas meal with all the trimming. Perfect Peace, Christmas Wish, Cozy Nights Candles 1wick/3wick £37/£50

2. Pop a lovely NEOM wellbeing gift on each place setting instead of crackers. Who wouldn't prefer a NEOM gift rather then a keyring from inside a cracker? Handbalms and the travel size candles the perfect size to sit on each place setting. Handbalms - Uplighting Handbalm 30ml £10. Travel Candle £19

3. After Dinner pop your NEOM wellbeing pod on your kitchen side for a few hours to banish the food smells and scent your house in your favourite NEOM scent for the afternoon games or a snooze on the sofa. Happy, Destress or Energy Boost - 10ml Essential Oils £22 Each

Evening Drinks And Nibbles With Guests

Let's set that cosy laid back but romantic elegant feel to your front room when entertaining our guest.

1. Pockets of glowing candle light in the corners of your room really sets a romantic and cosy atmosphere. Grouping different sized candles together in three's is a stylish look. Not only are these candles setting the mood but the relaxing cozy scent and of course we all look better in candle light. Cozy Nights Candles 1wick/3wick £35/£48

2. Pop your NEOM wellbeing pod on a few hours before guests arrive to scent your house in your favourite NEOM scent for a welcoming entrance. Happy, Destress or Energy Boost - 30ml Essential Oils £40 Each

3. Popping your candles on the mantle piece amongst your Christmas garland or just simply between stems of eucalyptus will give an extra luxury look to your Christmas displays. Why not place your chosen candles on your coffee and side tables, Try sitting them on reflective gold or mirrored trays or placed in glass vases to reflect the light around the room. NEOM Candles 1wick/3wick £35/£48


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I hope you have found this blog useful and now have lots of great ideas for decorating your home this festive season and have fun creating those pockets of glow and scent around your house for you and your guests to enjoy.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year x

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions about your skincare routine.

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