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Multivitamin Power Firm

Multivitamin Power Firm

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Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm is a powerful firming complex that helps combat lines around the delicate eye area.

Antioxidant vitamins C and E help improve resilience and scavenge free radicals, while acting as a protective barrier against further assault.

Unique botanical extracts help firm, smooth skin texture, and minimise the appearance of fine lines. Makes a great make-up prep prior to concealer application.


  • Step 1 - Dispense a large pea size drop of the Multi-Vitamin Power Firm to the tip of your finger and then dab around the eye area.
  • Step 2 - Using soft circular movements to gently massage in.
  • Step 3 - Follow with your prescribed moisturiser.


”Many of my clients love this product as much as I do, it really firms and hydrates around the eyes to reducing the signs of premature ageing. You can also use this product on other areas not just the eyes. This product works well around the lips especially across the top lip and between the eyebrows if lines are present and firming is needed. Although this product feels very nurishing it it very light and melts into your skin and works well under makeup"


If you suffer from swollen or puffy eyes pop this product in the fridge so its cool as you apply to help reduce swelling futher.


The Age Reversal Eye Complex is a fantastic partner to use along side the Multivitamin Power Firm. Use the Age Reversal Eye Complex at night (Retinol products must only be used at night) to treat the signs of premature ageing and then use the Multivitamin Power Firm as your morning eye cream for nourishment and firming.


Read my 10 step product layering blog here. To learn about layering products to achieve healthy glowing skin.

WHERE TO BUY: I stock Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm eye cream in size 15ml in my beauty salon or you can buy direct from Dermalogica using my link.

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About Dermalogica

Dermalogica is a cruelty free skin care brand that is currently being used by over 100,000 professional skin therapists across the world. Now the leading international, professional skincare brand in the world, they started out back in 1986.

Jane Wurwand, the founder of Dermalogica, originally developed the products in support of the advanced curriculum that she had already developed for The International Dermal Institute which she also founded.

Dermalogica is made in the USA, but is now set up all around the world, with a website of its own to sell the skincare products that people around the world know and love. What started as a small company almost four decades ago, has since turned into the most successful skincare company in the entire world, revolutionizing the industry in spectacular fashion.