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Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream

Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream

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Dermalogica's Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream moisturiser is a daily firming and lifting liquid moisturiser revitalising the skin with hydrating, oxygen-optimising phytoactives - breathing new life into ageing skin.

Light as air, liquid moisturiser utilises rare plant actives to firm, revitalise and plump skin reducing the signs of premature skin ageing.

Clinically proven to give 4 years back* with skin looking firmer and more lifted after 1 week.

Ligustrum Lucidum seed, Glycogen, and Nasturtium Flower optimise skin’s oxygenation process to boost luminosity and radiance. Adaptogenic Astragalus and Electric Daisy Flower smooth and tighten whilst Squalane and Luffa Root firm and hydrate.

It also contains antioxidant-rich Rose of Winter to soothe and boost skin’s resilience. Skin is left looking luminous and revitalised.


”As we age our skin starts to slow down on the absorbtion and ultilisation of Oxygen from the earth's atmosphere. Oxygen is needed by the skin to give it energy to produce collagen. The NEW Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream is a light liquid cream suitable for all skin types, my skin has never looked so good then when I started using this cream. Within one application you will notice a plumpness and hydration to your skin, then within 4 weeks you will notice that your signs of premature ageing start to be reduced and your skin will have a healthy youthful glow.”


After double cleansing , toning and serum, apply a thin layer of the Phyto nature oxygen cream to your face, neck down to your chest. Can be used morning and night.


The Phyto nature oxygen cream is great paired in the evening with the Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum.

Apply the Dynamic Skin Retinol serum first then apply a layer of the Phyto Nature Oxygen cream for an amazing, powerful affect on the skin. This combination will leave your skin the most healthier and younger you have ever seen it!


I stock the Dermalogica Phyto Nature Oxygen cream in my beauty salon or you can buy direct from Dermalogica using the links below.

 UK - Buy From Dermalogica
USA - Buy From Dermalogica
Canada - Buy From Dermalogica
Ireland - Buy From Dermalogica


This cream doesn't contain a SPF sun protection so I recommend using Skin Perfect Primer over the top in the daytime.

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