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Magnesium Body Butter

Magnesium Body Butter

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NEOM Magnesium body butter in 5 different scents with the magical wonder mineral that is magnesium, vital for your health & wellbeing.

Say hello to NEOM Magnesium Body Butter with added magnesium. 

  • Did you know, getting your daily boost of magnesium is VITAL for your health and wellbeing, yet up to 80% of us are lacking it?!
  • Our Body Butters contain 88mg of magnesium per 5ml of product. Massage the equivalent of a heaped tablespoon all over your body & breathe in the mood boosting aroma.
  • 100% natural fragrance/ 200ml (6.76 fl oz)


Want to supercharge your morning (and get soft skin?) Meet NEW Great Day Magnesium Body Butter.

  • Massage the equivalent of a heaped tablespoon of the seriously-soft and lovely lightweight Body Butter all over your body.
  • Do some mindful breathing, in for 7, out for 11.
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