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Wellbeing Pod Luxe

Wellbeing Pod Luxe

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Scent your large spaces and boost your wellbeing with the NEOM Luxe Pod, which is larger and more luxurious than ever!

Discover the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Luxe. Designed to scent large spaces (think open living spaces, kitchen diners...) in minutes with even MORE features and benefits tailored to your wellbeing...

Whatever your wellbeing need, the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Luxe works at the touch of a remote, helping you achieve better sleep, less stress, a mood boost or more energy through our 100% natural essential oil blends.

  • Designed to scent double the space in minutes.
  • Supercharge your wellbeing from morning until night; the Wellbeing Pod Luxe delivers the perfect amount of fragrance for up to 12 hours.
  • Remote controlled so you can tailor your wellbeing to your space and moment. Control the mist intensity, light and alternating & breathing modes at the touch of a remote.
  • Features a ‘Breathing Mode’ light which slowly brightens for 7 seconds then dims for 11 seconds for a guided moment of calm. Helps you regulate your breathing through the NEOM 7/11 inhale and exhale cycle.
  • Crafted with a bespoke gravure ceramic cover and a sustainably sourced upcycled wooden base, our supersized Pod will scent your large spaces and look chic whilst doing it.
  • The Wellbeing Pod Luxe is mains operated not battery operated.
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